Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three handmade cards.

I wish I had more time to spend on paper crafts, I really do love creating cards, collages, etc. although my efforts are simple compared to those whose primary hobby it is.  Here is what I made today.  One of these will be sent to a Down To Earth forum member as part of an arranged swap this month.
The cat below is a scrap of patchwork fabric inserted into a precut card.  I got distracted during this project, and glued the fabric on the wrong side of the card, so I decided to cut the back off and sticky tape it on the other side to correct the layout.   I couldn't leave it with a sticky taped edge! so I glued the yellow paper over the edge to cover up my mistake...

This is a plain white card with check scrap booking paper glued on to the front.  The flower cart is a cut out from a decoupage book of cut outs that I found at the opshop.

Teapot is made up of two fabrics which I adhered visoflex to, cut out the shapes, and ironed them on to the card.  The lacy bit under the teapot was a mistake; I used sticky paper lace because it was quick and easy, instead of cutting a small piece of real lace which would have looked much nicer.  Cie la vie..

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Assorted paper crafts.

I like to borrow craft books from the library to peruse, before I decide to buy a copy for myself. It's a good lurk because much of the time there are only a few projects that I would consider making in most of the books, so I try to make them all while I've got the book out on loan. Problem is if I run out of time, especially if I've renewed the loan twice, as it has to go back on the due date!
 I'd borrowed Papercrafting In No Time and made three items so far, with more that I wanted to do. I thought it was due back last week, but luckily I have another week to play! Here are two of the projects (the other is just a decorated clothes peg, not worth posting here).

his "bird on a nest" is made with buttons hand sewn onto the card stock background, and the bird and branch cut out of various papers and glued.

These Union Jacks are made using a template of the crosses.  It is traced on to patterned paper, cut out, and glued on to a plain background.  The triangular shapes left after cutting out the cross, are then trimmed to a smaller size and glued into place, leaving a band of plain colour around the cross.  It can be made more interesting if two different patterned papers are used as shown on the right side.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Recycling Napisan and other plastic containers.

On the Down To Earth forum, one of the members was asking what she could do with Napisan containers.  I replied that I just throw mine straight into the recycle bin as I have so many containers of other kinds, I couldn't find a use for any more.  But last week when my Earth choice (or a similar brand) dishwashing powder ran out, I decided to decorate the container rather than chuck it out.  Good old Modge Podge and paper napkins to the rescue!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas card collages

I did two of these last December, but can only find one photo on my computer file.  I had saved my Xmas cards from the previous year to do this after I read about it on a craft forum.  I had an A3 art pad that I used for the background, glued old sheet music at random, then the cards over that. 
The other collage was similar but I used cards with animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc) as the theme.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paper Napkin and other paper crafts.

I found a fabulous craft magazine in the newsagent recently.  It is an English publication called More Home Crafts, and although expensive at $25, it is worth every cent as it has a large variety of crafts in it.
Today I decided to do some of the fun projects using paper napkins and gift wrapping paper.  I used Gesso to paint two masonite clip boards, the broom handle and broom, dustpan and brush.

Then I used Modge Podge to glue wrapping paper to the broom head and handle, dustpan and brush, and the smaller clipboard.

I painted around the edge of the chicken napkin, but it will need a second coat, and I think I will use a lighter colour, as this is a bit dark.  Didn't decorate the other clipboard of the same size, but I'd painted a larger clipboard with Gesso, and haven't gone any further with that.

The next thing I did was use a paper napkin to decorate a plain glass vase.  Here is the vase, napkin glue, brush and napkin.  I only used the smaller row of holly leaves from the napkin.

Completed in less than five minutes!  Here it is with a tea light inside.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My first serious Calligraphy project.

I recently put myself down to participate in an online swap.  We had to make something using a newly learned skill, or an old skill that we hadn't done for a while.  I decided to write out a quotation in calligraphic lettering, and laminate it, to send to my swap partner in France.
I chose a quote by a French writer, and for the background I used one of the sheets I'd coloured in water colour when I did the CSV workshop back in February.  It is at the top of the first photo on that post.
Here is my quotation.  I did all the preparation, but messed up the second line when I forgot that the 'm' needed more space than the other letters, so I squashed it in, thinking I would run out of room at the end of the line, but I wouldn't have.  To me it spoils the whole thing, but everyone I've shown it to think it is wonderful!   (But they are not calligraphers, lol)

I had fun with the embellished 'F'.  I copied the letter from one of my books, and filled it in with gold leaf.  Then I copied another idea - a vine leaf to wind around the letter, and painted it with acrylic paint so it would cover the watercolour background and the gold leaf where the vine goes over it.
I glued pale pink lace around the edge of the paper before laminating it, to give it a nice girl finish.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Janet Matthews wildlife drawing workshops.

Two years ago I posted photos here of the workshops I did with Janet back then - the first one on drawing owls, and the second on Rainbow Lorikeets.  I did another one last year, but as I hadn't finished the drawing when the workshop ended, I didn't bother posting anything here.
Today I took my fourth workshop with Janet, and we learned how to draw Superb Blue Wrens.  I managed to finish my drawing, and was so chuffed that when I got home, I pulled out last year's drawing of a Green Tree Frog and finished it!  Here they are, complete with the photos we based our drawings on.  The frog looks like it is done on pink paper.  It isn't - I don't know what happened when I took that photo tonight - I took the other one a minute later, and it isn't tinted pink!
  If you want to see the exquisite work that Janet herself does, you can see it on her website here.