Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Felt and fabric coasters

Like most of us who are into crafts, I get many emails from various organisations and online forums, with ideas for projects and new products.  I browse through them quickly and save what interests me, then delete the rest.  Last week I noticed this project on one of the emails, and couldn't wait to try it, as it is so quick and easy.
Find a square of fabric (mine is 5" square), and find a square of co-ordinating felt that is slightly bigger than the fabric.  Machine sew the fabric to the felt, around the design, or at random, then around the edge of the fabric.  Cut the edge of the felt with pinking shears.  That's it!  The samples on the craft forum were florals, and they had machine stitched roughly around the flowers, so the stitching on the reverse side, showed up as a design on the felt.  I chose to use Christmas fabric for three of mine because I wanted to see if they would be good enough as small Xmas gifts.   They will, but not these ones - next time I'll be a bit more careful with the stitching, and use contrasting thread so it looks better on the back.