Thursday, February 23, 2012

Acrylic art class homework, second week.

For our homework this week, the tutor instructed us to get used to working with our paints, by just painting something - anything. He said "go out your front door and paint a landscape! A tree!" I took him at his word and took my paints and paper up to the back yard this afternoon. I've made myself a viewer - piece of cardboard with the centre cut out, leaving a 'frame' which I can look through to isolate the area I want to draw. I chose a corner of the yard that has an old tree and some small shrubs up against a paling fence. The chooks were scratching around while I was painting, so I put a little black hen in my picture.
Still not marvellous, but I'm getting the hang of using paint instead of sketching.


  1. I think the painting looks great ... I can't do freehand painting !! Hope you enjoy your classes !!

  2. Hi Gina;
    Long time no hear!? Really nice work. Acrylic is a challenge. I hope you have a lot of fun in your class.