Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paper Napkin and other paper crafts.

I found a fabulous craft magazine in the newsagent recently.  It is an English publication called More Home Crafts, and although expensive at $25, it is worth every cent as it has a large variety of crafts in it.
Today I decided to do some of the fun projects using paper napkins and gift wrapping paper.  I used Gesso to paint two masonite clip boards, the broom handle and broom, dustpan and brush.

Then I used Modge Podge to glue wrapping paper to the broom head and handle, dustpan and brush, and the smaller clipboard.

I painted around the edge of the chicken napkin, but it will need a second coat, and I think I will use a lighter colour, as this is a bit dark.  Didn't decorate the other clipboard of the same size, but I'd painted a larger clipboard with Gesso, and haven't gone any further with that.

The next thing I did was use a paper napkin to decorate a plain glass vase.  Here is the vase, napkin glue, brush and napkin.  I only used the smaller row of holly leaves from the napkin.

Completed in less than five minutes!  Here it is with a tea light inside.


  1. Wow, Gina, I love your tea light! Perfect choice of paper serviette and it looks fabulous! I also love the dustpan and broom and clipboards. I bought some gesso but haven't really played around with it, so thanks for the inspiration!!