Monday, April 11, 2016

Various paper crafts in progress.

I am taking a short break from patchwork and stitching, to play with some more paper crafts.  The first item is a simple mail art envelope to a friend with whom I swap cards and envelopes from time to time.

This is one of "Val's boxes"  I used a paint sample card to make this.
   More paint sample card art.  You can do millions of things with those sample cards!  I used a craft punch to cut out the hearts from one side of the sample card, then glued them back on the other half of the card.

This didn't turn out as nicely as the one I saw on Pinterest.  I cut the fish and seaweed out from the paint sample cards, and glued them on to a sheet of pre painted paper I did last year, using watercolour and salt to give the mottled effect.  There is silver foil on the right side, part of an experiment, so it doesn't really give the effect of the sea!

These two were fun.  I downloaded a bunch of stencils on to my hard drive, and printed them out on old sheet music that I found at the opshop.  Saw this idea on Pinterest - where else!


  1. Lovely to see you doing some paper crafts Gina. The paint samples look fab on the box....great idea!Love the stencils being printed onto opshop music sheets....excellent upcycling. I have now made two YouTube tutorials, one showing the structure paste that you were interested in and the other is about paper napkins. The link is on my page if you would like to take a peek. Happy crafting, Linda xx

  2. You are so clever - I would never have the time or patience for this these days. I do love the dancing couple on the old music sheet! As a young fella I used to do paper tolle.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Linda and Phil! Had to think for a minute who Mr HM was...