Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hand made cards

One of my friends always makes lovely hand made cards for me for birthdays and Christmas.  So when her Mum passed away within a week of my friend's birthday, I wanted to make two special cards for her.  This Sympathy card is based on something I saw on Pinterest, using paint sample cards.  I used black marker pen to black out the names of the colours on the card, and the flower was on a sheet of decoupage images that I had in my stash.  I glued the paint card on to a plain white card, and added the thin brown line around it.

For her birthday, I made this one, also based on something I'd seen on Pinterest.  Yeah I know, I am a copycat, but there are such great things out there, and I don't have much imagination :-(
I folded a piece of light cardstock, glued some Japanese paper at the top and bottom of the front.  Drew the snails in green marker pen, and glued the buttons over the snail image.  Added the words on a separate piece of decorative paper, and circled that in black marker pen.

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