Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watercolour classes.

I have enrolled in an 8 week water colour class, and have enjoyed the first two weeks. Our tutor (Dorothy Fields) is an accomplished artist and excellent teacher. She explains the lesson to the students, shows us how to do it, and then gets us to do it one step at a time. The first week she talked about the properties of watercolour paint, the best type of paper to use, how to wet and stretch the paper, the right brushes and how to look after them. Very comprehensive. Then she taught us three ways of doing water colour washes.
When we'd done those, she asked us to paint something over the washes.  I chose to paint pyramids over my blue wash, sand and sea over another, and a simple tree over the fourth wash.
After we'd done those, Dorothy said to 'do our own thing' with a wash background and something over the top, so with the July Sketchbook Challenge in mind ('circles') I painted these balls and circles. Doesn't represent anything - just painted doodles I guess!

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