Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watercolour class, second week.

Classic still life exercise! Dorothy arranged some fruit on a scarf and got us to paint it. She also provided a tracing of a photo that she'd taken of a fruit arrangement, for those students who felt unable to sketch the fruit before painting them. There were only two of us that didn't use the tracing; I'd done this sort of drawing so often, I felt confident enough to draw the fruit in front of us. I felt the pull of my previous workshop training in acrylics; tempted to use the watercolour from the tube without diluting it, so my colour is very strong instead of being muted and more subtle as watercolour should be. Hopefully at the end of the course I will have re-learned my painting technique! We will continue working on this painting next week, to do the background and finish the fruit.
I did this when I got home - taken from a small water colour picture I had. I plan to use the same sketch to make three more - but of different seasons.

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