Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Watercolour Class, third week.

This week we finished our fruit still life, painting the background with washes, and making final touches to the fruit.  Dorothy demonstrated how to create white spaces on water colour paintings, using masking fluid, candle wax, leaving an area unpainted, or scratching away a painted surface.  The last hint came with a warning that the paper will be damaged by that process.
I spent today with my artist friend G, and we sat in her sunny kitchen and played with masking fluid and candle wax to create some interesting effects on small paintings.  I will photograph them and post here shortly, but for now, here is my finished Still Life.  The original is actually a rectangle, but it wouldn't fit in my scanner that way, so I had to crop the sides.


  1. Well as you can tell I'm way behind in reading but I'd be very interested in hearing about your adventures with masking fluid. Great work. :)

  2. Patty I can't get access to your blog, so I hope you find this reply to your comment. I had mixed results with the masking fluid, but I would like to experiment more with it once I have more time to paint. I can see the possibilities!