Sunday, May 12, 2013

Japanese Calligraphy workshop

On Saturday morning, I attended a two hour workshop on Japanese calligraphy.  One of my friends did a workshop with the same tutor a while ago, and she enjoyed it very much.
I would love to have attended that class, but it is on the other side of town, and a bit too far for me.  So I was pleased when I heard about the workshops Miho was doing this weekend closer to home.
The morning workshop was about brush painting on canvas, and the afternoon one was on making greeting cards.
Miho is a charming lady and an excellent teacher.  She provided all the brushes, ink, paper and canvas for us to work with, and she was very patient with our efforts to handle the brush correctly to get the brush strokes right.  After we'd practiced various brush strokes on paper, she gave us each two stretched canvas boards to do a final  painting.

Here are my two - a Japanese letter meaning "Happiness" and a very basic plant (which I think I have placed on the wrong angle for this photo, darn  it).  Miko provided the red seal to stamp on our canvases to denote the finished art.  She insisted mine was good, but admitted that it takes many years of practice to achieve excellent results.  As it does with any calligraphy!

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