Sunday, April 7, 2013

Button crafts.

I borrowed this book from the library some time ago and have renewed it three times - now it has to be returned!  I have been tempted to try and find a copy online, but decided not to, as I have so many craft books already, I must stop buying them.  Instead, I set out to make as many of the projects in the book as I could; luckily only  a few appealed to me.

This was the first one I did - a stretched canvas, painted lilac, with squares of fabric and matching buttons glued on to it.  Not a spectacular piece of art, but fun to do.

From this page -
 I made two of my own versions.

The bag in the picture below inspired me to convert a green supermarket bag.

By sewing a patchwork piece on to the bag and embellishing it with ric rac and buttons. (As you can see I haven't finished sewing on the ric rac yet - it is by hand, and such a tedious job).

I have nearly finished an owl like this (mine is red), but I won't post a photo until I've finished it, as it looks odd without the feet.

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to utilise library craft books is to actually do some of the projects right away, instead of photocopying them and filing the copies away for 'another time', as the other time never happens in most cases, and you end up with a fat folder of fading photocopies.  
The last project in the button book that I wanted to do will have to wait, as it will take a lot longer than any of the above items.  It is a map of Australia drawn on to a piece of strong fabric, with each state coloured in a different colour by using buttons to fill the areas.  I've started off by tracing a map of Australia from an atlas that happened to have a map exactly the size I wanted.  So at least it is on paper, and ready for me to transfer to fabric when I make time.

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