Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cards using paint sample swatches

Don't you love going into home decorating stores and seeing the wall of paint sample colour swatches!
I have often felt like taking a bunch of them home, for no particular reason, but I've resisted that urge until now.  I discovered a blog that shows what you can do with those little colour cards.   I went searching the internet for more ways, and found there are dozens of neat things you can make!  But I don't have time at the moment, so I just helped myself to a dozen sample cards at Bunnings, and made three Christmas cards with some of them.  Here is the link to the site with the details of how to make them.
Sorry about my shadow over the cards - I would have taken another photo, but the camera battery was flat and this was the last one I took before it 'died'...:-(

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