Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another CSV workshop, February 2014

I did another workshop at the Calligraphy Society of Vic. with my friend Val. This one was a lot of fun, and greatly enjoyed by the dozen people who participated. To start off, the tutor showed us how to tint watercolour paper using diluted acrylic inks. To add interesting effects, we did things to the paper while the ink wash was still wet. Dropping salt crystals on the page. Putting gladwrap over it and leaving it until it dried, creates lovely marks. Pressing bubble wrap on the paint and lifting it off. Sprinkling drops of water over the painted area. Here are a few of my example (the gold leaf is explained below):
The page below had salt rock crystals dropped into the wet green paint, and when it was dry I wrote the alphabet at random with a calligraphy pen.
 The blue page here (which was one page later cut into sections) had gold leaf adhered to it, and when dry, this was sandpapered to allow the blue paint to show through.  I wrote the word in calligraphy pen over the gold. 
The above page was the first attempt at adding colour to the paper.  I was going to leave the gold capital R on its own, but went over the top and added the other writing and slashes of colour.  The gold R was done by painting the inside of the outline with acrylic gold size and laying gold leaf over it.  When it was dry, the excess gold leaf is brushed away to leave the letter.

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  1. I would have loved to go to that workshop!!! Sounds fabulous Gina. So many wonderful things can be done with paper.