Monday, March 17, 2014

Janet Matthews wildlife drawing workshops.

Two years ago I posted photos here of the workshops I did with Janet back then - the first one on drawing owls, and the second on Rainbow Lorikeets.  I did another one last year, but as I hadn't finished the drawing when the workshop ended, I didn't bother posting anything here.
Today I took my fourth workshop with Janet, and we learned how to draw Superb Blue Wrens.  I managed to finish my drawing, and was so chuffed that when I got home, I pulled out last year's drawing of a Green Tree Frog and finished it!  Here they are, complete with the photos we based our drawings on.  The frog looks like it is done on pink paper.  It isn't - I don't know what happened when I took that photo tonight - I took the other one a minute later, and it isn't tinted pink!
  If you want to see the exquisite work that Janet herself does, you can see it on her website here.


  1. Goodness, that is excellent work, you have great talent Gina, I am super impressed! I can draw stick figures...