Sunday, March 8, 2015

Assorted paper crafts.

I like to borrow craft books from the library to peruse, before I decide to buy a copy for myself. It's a good lurk because much of the time there are only a few projects that I would consider making in most of the books, so I try to make them all while I've got the book out on loan. Problem is if I run out of time, especially if I've renewed the loan twice, as it has to go back on the due date!
 I'd borrowed Papercrafting In No Time and made three items so far, with more that I wanted to do. I thought it was due back last week, but luckily I have another week to play! Here are two of the projects (the other is just a decorated clothes peg, not worth posting here).

his "bird on a nest" is made with buttons hand sewn onto the card stock background, and the bird and branch cut out of various papers and glued.

These Union Jacks are made using a template of the crosses.  It is traced on to patterned paper, cut out, and glued on to a plain background.  The triangular shapes left after cutting out the cross, are then trimmed to a smaller size and glued into place, leaving a band of plain colour around the cross.  It can be made more interesting if two different patterned papers are used as shown on the right side.

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