Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three handmade cards.

I wish I had more time to spend on paper crafts, I really do love creating cards, collages, etc. although my efforts are simple compared to those whose primary hobby it is.  Here is what I made today.  One of these will be sent to a Down To Earth forum member as part of an arranged swap this month.
The cat below is a scrap of patchwork fabric inserted into a precut card.  I got distracted during this project, and glued the fabric on the wrong side of the card, so I decided to cut the back off and sticky tape it on the other side to correct the layout.   I couldn't leave it with a sticky taped edge! so I glued the yellow paper over the edge to cover up my mistake...

This is a plain white card with check scrap booking paper glued on to the front.  The flower cart is a cut out from a decoupage book of cut outs that I found at the opshop.

Teapot is made up of two fabrics which I adhered visoflex to, cut out the shapes, and ironed them on to the card.  The lacy bit under the teapot was a mistake; I used sticky paper lace because it was quick and easy, instead of cutting a small piece of real lace which would have looked much nicer.  Cie la vie..


  1. Oops!, I think I just commented without identifying myself barb here!

  2. Oh, Sorry!, it did not publish. I love your cards Gina they are beautiful and creative. The teapot card is very sweet and the cat card is clever and the flower card is gorgeous.