Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life Drawing class, second week.

We had another young woman for our model at this week's class, and she presented us with quite a challenge in a variety of poses.  She told us she is also a life drawing teacher, as well as modelling, so she knows what we need to make us work harder on drawing figures.  I thoroughly enjoyed this session, and feel like I'm getting to know the other students as we discuss each other's sketching.  I haven't got around to photographing my sketches yet, but hope to get it done and posted here over the weekend.

 Edited 31.7.15 to add sketches for second week.  I haven't included all the sketches I did last week, as I wasn't happy with some of them.  Even these aren't great, but they are the best of an average lot!  The brown pastel sketch is very disappointing; the model had her hair pinned up and despite my attempts to fix this picture, the figure still looks like a boy apart from the breasts.  The version in pencil wasn't quite so bad for some reason.  I was happier when she let her hair down for the long pose, which I did in blue pastel.

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