Monday, March 11, 2013

A different art media.

I like to dabble in all kinds of art, not just painting and sketching.  My sewing/craft room is chockers (overflowing) with fabric, paints, paper, books, magazines, etc. and I play with whatever media I'm in the mood for when I wake up in the morning.  So far on this blog I've just been posting about the sketching and painting, but I've decided to add my paper craft bits and pieces to it as well.

You can do some wonderful stuff with paper napkins and Modge Podge or other PVA glue.  I've been gluing napkins to old CDs and DVDs, pasting plain paper on theback, and making up an origami envelope, posting them to friends, and they have proved very popular!  I've posted some photos of my first ones on my other blog here, but will post any future pics to this blog.   I've just done two new ones today- the Iris decorated CD is for a lady who saw my previous CDs on another forum and said she would love to have one, so I asked her what her favourite colours are and she said purple and lavender.  This was the closest I could get to that, so I think she'll like it.  The paper circles are to make up the origami envelope for the CD. 

Some friends visited us yesterday and brought a beautiful plant in this lovely box, so I took off the labels and used the same Iris napkin to decorate the box for a future purpose!

The other CD is covered with a napkin given to me by a friend who bought a pack of them because she loves this artist's work (Klimt?).  So I did this CD for her.

 Below is an old cork placemat which I have covered with a Japanese napkin, then cut out individual motifs from another Asian-motif napkin, glued them to light card, and used double sided tape to attach them to the placemat.  I found this idea in a book about using canvas boards to make collages, and thought it would work equally as well on the placemat.