Saturday, March 16, 2013

A variety of envelopes.

My friend Val is an expert in all kinds of paper crafts, and I often receive fascinating little creations in the mail from her, so when I found this book at our library, I borrowed it.

The first envelope I made went to Val, and she was delighted. She recognised it straight away as she had borrowed the same book from her library many times. I forgot to take a photo of my first envelope, but I've done two since then.

They both involve using decorative papers folded in various ways to make up an envelope that you can write on inside, and enclose photos or other small items. I've going to make a few more of these and send them to Ken's niece's little girls. They love all the craft things I make, and they will get a buzz out of these envelopes from Great-Auntie Gina! I'll write something inside, but I'll also stick kid stuff in there as well - cute!

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